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Water Pre Heaters

Topstart 0.5-4Kw single phase

Pre Heating Systems For Engines 


The TopStart 0.5 – 4Kw is an electric coolant heater for all types of water-cooled engines. The heater can be put into service a few hours before starting the engine or work continuously in order to keep the engine permanently at the required temperatur.

This ensures an easy full power start whatever the ambient temperature and avoids cold start mechanical damage. The system has the following advantages: fuel savings, decreasing pollution, reduced engine wear, no more difficult cold starts.

It is universal, reliable, easy-to-install and maintenance free.

The TopStart  heaters are suited for all industrial applications, either stationary (generator sets) or mobile (emergency vehicles, trucks, vans, etc.).



  • Strong die-casted aluminium body, 100% recyclable
  • Low watt density heating element made of Incoloy 800 (7,5W / cm²) what increases its lifetime and those of the coolant
  • Integrated circulation pump into the heating body allowing a fast and homogenous preheating.
  • Very compact product suitable for many different places
  • Adjustable thermostat 0-80°C rated 25A, 100.000 cycles
  • Security thermostat with manual reset, rated 25A, 6.000 cycles
  • A security thermostat with manual reset protects the system in case of overheating due to a lack of water in the coolant circuit.
  • High waterproofness (IP 66 available)
  • Easy replacement of parts
  • Two years warranty on labour and spare parts
  • Prelong Life of Engines
      Price £450 + Vat + Delivery

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