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Car Preparation

Online Motorsport Solutions– Race Car Preparation and Restoration

Online Motorsport Solutions teamed with Chamberlain Synergy Motorsport ( are one of the leading historic racing car preparation companies in the World with many years experience in single-seater and sports racing car preparation, operation and development.


Race cars currently in the workshop include Mercedes Benz C11, Porsche 956, Nissan R90CK, Jaguar XJR12, Porsche 935, Pilbeam, 2x Jaguar XJR11's


Past Cars include Mercedes Sauber C9, 2 x Lancia LC2, Aston Martin AMR1, Aston Martin DBRS9, Lola Aston Martin DBR1, Fittipaldi F5A, Wiliams FW08, Lola B98, Lola T400, Lola B05/40, Lola B06/10, Arrows A3, Arrows A4, Tyrell 025, Radical SR3, Jaguar XJR14, Peugoet 905, Mazda 767B, Audi R8, Aquilla, Riley and Scott, TVR T400R, Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, Ascars, Tyrell 011, Shadow DN9, Toyota 94CV, Nissan R87G, Ferrari F40, Jaguar E-Type â€“ this demonstrates the capability of Online Motorsport Solutions who have gained a good reputation for their quality and professionalism in the historic racing paddocks around the World.


Online Motorsport Solutions with Chamberlain Synergy specialise in the end to end preparation of any type of modern or historic racing vehicle. Our core strength is in engineering of (primarily) cars for performance and safety, based on around 50 years of cumulative shop floor experience. In more detail, this is the disassembly, inspection, improvement if necessary and rebuild of all car sub-systems (chassis, gearbox, fuel cells, uprights/bearing packs/drivetrain, brakes and aero devices).

We also have local access to other industries such as:
Fabrication (including TIG and MIG welding)
Composite Repair (and some composite manufacture)
Design in 3D CAD and export our solid models to chosen select suppliers for advanced manufacturing

We are also capable of electronic system integration and commissioning for part and full electrical systems.

After manufacture, we also supply complete race weekend and test support as a turn key package. All the customer has to do is arrive at the track; everything else is managed. Once racing, we are extremely skilled at race engineering at the circuit, developing car and driver in unison.

If you would like to talk to us about your racing requirements or the preparation of your racing car please call 07782 113 569

Below is some of our history and achievements:

2000: Ford Fiesta championship with Gareth Howell Championship runners up

         : Renault Clio Championship with 3 cars

2001: Radical SR3 Championship
        : Ascar Championship winning first race with John Cleland

2002: FIA World Sports Car Championship 3rd in Barcelona 4th in spa 5th in championship  

:       : 24 Heures du Mans making Valiant movie

2003: Rebuilt Arrows A3 from ground up

2004: Factory TVR T400R LMES championship 

        : Le Mans 5th and 6th in class

        : ALMS Sebring GT2 class
2005: Lola B05/40 LMP2 LMES championship Europeon Champions 
        : Hired to help build 18 cars in 5 weeks to start GP Masters

        : Grand Prix Master Won silverstone round with Eddie Cheaver
2006: Lola B06/10  LMP1 LMES championship Europeon runners up
2007: Lola B06/10 LMP1 LMES championship
2008: Lola B06/10 LMP1 LMES championship

        : ALMS Petite Le Mans LMP1

        : Aston Martin AMR1 rebuild wining at monza  
2009: Nissan R87G rebuild & Mercedes C11 rebuild
2010: Nissan R87G and C11 Select events

2011: Group C Champions Mercedes Benz C11

2012: Group C Champions Mercedes Sauber C9

2013: Group C Champions Mercedes Benz C11

2014: Group C runners up Mecedes Benz C11

2015: Group C 3rd Nissan R90C

2016: Group C select events 

        : Silverstone Classic Winners Nissan R90C

        : Paul Ricard Winners Mercedes Benz C11